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3 Tips For The Appraisal Prior To A Family Member's Estate Sale

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It's always tough when a close family member or friend passes away, but things can be especially stressful if you have been put in charge of handling the estate of the deceased. Your loved one likely has a lifetime's worth of belongings to go through and many of these items will have either sentimental or financial value. In order to get a full accounting of what you have on your hands here, it's usually a good idea to get a professional appraisal before moving forward with an estate sale. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind during the appraisal to help you make it through the process.

Keep an Open Mind

First things first, if you want the estate sale to be a success, you are likely going to need to part with at least some items that have sentimental value. A leading mistake some make when getting a professional appraisal is telling the appraiser that some things are off limits for review right off the bat. Getting an item officially looked at prior to an estate sale does not mean you have to actually sell it. Regardless of sentimental value, let the appraiser get a good look at everything in the house in order to get you as much information as possible. You might not want to hold onto that antique that you are so sentimental about if someone tells you it's worth thousands of dollars.

Patience is Key

The person doing your appraisal is not a wizard. They may highly knowledgeable about some items off the top of their head but don't expect them to just walk through the house pointing at objects and immediately shouting out a value. You may be anxious to get the appraisal done quickly so you can move on with the estate sale, but rushing the process could end up costing you money. Give the appraiser some room to breathe and time if needed to come up with a full accounting of the property.

Don't Forget to Tidy Up

The cleanliness of an item doesn't necessarily affect its value if it can be cleaned up before the sale, but you don't want your appraiser to have to jump through hoops to try and figure out if an item has degraded in quality or is just unclean. If the appraiser will be coming up with a value for the entire house and all of its belongings, give everything a good cleaning prior to their arrival much in the same way you would if you were bringing someone over to look at your home for a traditional real estate sale.

If you are trying to execute an estate sale of someone who was close to you, you likely just want to get it over with. But rushing the appraisal process could end up costing you money in the long run. Be patient with the appraiser and try to at least get an estimate on most items in the house even if they have sentimental value.

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