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Learn How to Have Artwork Appraised Before Insuring it With Your Homeowner's Insurance

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When you inherit a piece of artwork, it can be hard to know how to value it when insuring it with your homeowner's insurance, if you do not know anything about art. Fortunately, you can go to an art appraiser to get the piece of art appraised so that you can insure it for the right value. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about getting your artwork appraised by a professional appraiser.

The Appraiser Will Need to See the Artwork Personally

In order for an art appraiser to appraise a piece of art properly, he or she will need to be able to see it in person. When bringing the piece of artwork to the appraiser, be sure to be very careful with it. You may want to wrap it in a soft cloth to protect it from the elements. Be sure to secure it in some way so that it does not slide around in your vehicle while you are driving.

The Appraiser Will Look Carefully at the Piece

Once the piece is in front of the appraiser, he or she will look over it very carefully. He will look for intricate details that he knows to be common with the particular artist who is said to have created the piece. He will also check to see if it is an original, or if it is a copy. Appraisers know how to tell the difference relatively easily based on the supplies that are used and the condition of the piece. Most artwork will show some form of age if it is hundreds of years old.

The Appraiser Will Determine the Authenticity the Piece

Once the appraiser determines that the piece is real, he or she will be able to authenticate it for you in writing. The writing will state what the piece of artwork is, who created, and when he or she feels that it was created. You need to keep this authentication to show to the insurance company and to give to anyone who may buy the piece later on down the road if you choose to sell it.

After authenticating the piece, the appraiser will also be able to give you a value for it. He or she will give you an auction value, that is the value that they feel the piece would sell for if it went to auction and an insurance value. That is what it would cost to place the piece if it is damaged or stolen from your home. The insurance value is the value that will be of importance to your insurance company. To learn more about the process contact companies like Wardell Appraisals.