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Appraise It All, Move It All: How To Liquidate Your Estate

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Whether you inherited your estate, or you have to liquidate your estate to pay liens and taxes, estate sale services can help. These businesses provide a series of services that can help you move from absolute broke and financially in bondage to a free and unencumbered life. Here are all the services you can request and receive when you find and hire an estate sale business.

Estate Appraisal Services

You cannot sell something if you do not know the value of it, right? That is why estate appraisals are a necessary part of the process. An appraiser from the estate sale company will come to your home, appraise the house, the property, the value of it all if certain improvements are made prior to the sale, and then appraise every last object of value in and out of your home. They will then create an official appraisal document that lists items of value and the estate/home itself, and sign it for your official records. Should you choose to make some improvements to the property, then you may request a second appraisal after the improvements have been made. It is always a good idea to make improvements, especially if the improvements are not too costly (or you can do the improvements yourself). 

The Estate Sale Itself, and/or an Auction

An estate sale means that the estate sale people send a couple of employees to your home to set up a sale that typically works like a yard sale. Everything is sold off until it is all sold, regardless of how many weekends it takes. Because this option is held similarly to a yard sale, some items may not be sold at their previously and fully appraised value.

Another option, and certainly one which might interest you because the results are faster, is to hold an estate auction. Not only will you sell everything faster, but you may receive more money and buyers have to pay in cash upfront before leaving the auction. An auction is held publicly at your home, and interested parties are allowed to wander the grounds, go in and out of your house, and examine everything that is for sale in the auction. The time and date for the auction are posted in a very public forum so that all interested parties will be alerted to the date and time and what is on the auction block.

For more information, contact an estate sale service in your area.