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Important Reasons To Use Art Appraisal Services For Your Collection

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As a serious art collector, you want to take the proper precautions to protect the works in your home or business. You realize that they can be important to your estate and overall net worth. To ensure that you can protect them fully, you must know what they are worth. You can find out by hiring professional art appraisal services to valuate them. Finding Out Their Worth Before you purchase works of art, you want to know if the seller is asking a reasonable price for them. Read More»

Is an Auction House the Best Choice for Estate Appraisals, Valuations, and Liquidations?

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Whether you’re seeking to downsize your life and move into a smaller space or you are determining the potential value of an estate to divide among heirs, an auction house can be a great source of knowledge and experience in these situations. What Can an Auction House Do for You? An auction house often manages estate sales and auctions and understands not only the potential value of items but also the whims of local markets. Read More»

4 Tips For Getting Your Home Appraised

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If you’re preparing to sell your property, this can be an exciting time. However, there will be several tasks you’ll need to complete before doing so. One of these includes getting an appraisal to determine the value of your home. You’ll want to have this documented to assist you in finding a buyer fast. It’s vital to know the proper tips to make this process much less challenging for you. Read More»

Appraise It All, Move It All: How To Liquidate Your Estate

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Whether you inherited your estate, or you have to liquidate your estate to pay liens and taxes, estate sale services can help. These businesses provide a series of services that can help you move from absolute broke and financially in bondage to a free and unencumbered life. Here are all the services you can request and receive when you find and hire an estate sale business. Estate Appraisal Services You cannot sell something if you do not know the value of it, right? Read More»

3 Reasons To File A Water Damage Insurance Claim

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When you purchase homeowner’s insurance, it is going to cover a variety of home issues. This gives you the protection you need when a problem does occur. While homeowner’s insurance generally doesn’t cover every single problem that you may encounter, it does cover a huge variety of issues. One such problem that it will generally cover is water damage. When you notice gradual or sudden water damage, the first thing that you want to do is contact your homeowners insurance and file a claim. Read More»

Learn How to Have Artwork Appraised Before Insuring it With Your Homeowner's Insurance

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When you inherit a piece of artwork, it can be hard to know how to value it when insuring it with your homeowner’s insurance, if you do not know anything about art. Fortunately, you can go to an art appraiser to get the piece of art appraised so that you can insure it for the right value. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about getting your artwork appraised by a professional appraiser. Read More»

How A Professional Appraiser Can Assist Before You Buy A House

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Are you trying to decide if the house that you are interested in buying is actually worth what it is being sold for? The best way to come to a decision that is in your best interest is to seek assistance from a home appraisal contractor. Getting a house appraised can be beneficial in a few different ways. Take a look at this article to find out what kind of services an appraisal contractor can provide before you move forward with buying a house. Read More»

3 Tips For The Appraisal Prior To A Family Member's Estate Sale

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It’s always tough when a close family member or friend passes away, but things can be especially stressful if you have been put in charge of handling the estate of the deceased. Your loved one likely has a lifetime’s worth of belongings to go through and many of these items will have either sentimental or financial value. In order to get a full accounting of what you have on your hands here, it’s usually a good idea to get a professional appraisal before moving forward with an estate sale. Read More»

Maintain The Value Of Your Art With These Important Tips

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Having your art appraised for resale can be an exciting time, especially if you’ve taken a number of precautions to protect the air itself and, in turn, its value. By contrast, the appraisal process is a little more nerve wracking if you know that you haven’t done your best to take care of the art. The condition of a piece of art is largely dependent upon its condition. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to part with your art, it’s in your best interest to adopt a number of different steps that will keep the items protected for years to come. Read More»